(2) The OBJECTIVES of People for Peace and Defence of Rights are:

Overall Objective: to promote respect and observance of internationally accepted human rights practices and civic values for sustainable peace and development in the Great Lakes region.

(a) Promotion for peace and human rights in Uganda;

(b) To empower socially and economically marginalized people in the society;

(c) Training of members by local, international human rights associations and peace based organizations, youth activities and development;

(d) Collaboration with existing peace – based associations, youth groups and human rights organizations at international, regional and local level;

(e)    Participation in forums relating to peace in Uganda and conducting conference relevant to peace in Uganda;

(f)    Ecology and bio diversities;

(g)   Anti – corruption and transparency;

(h) State of rights, of democracy and good governance;

(i) Fighting misery and HIV Aids;

(h) Promotion of human rights and human values.


The primary target group for PPDR Uganda will be the people most vulnerable to human rights abuses: women, children and young people including teenage mothers, street children, refugees and refugee children, asylum seekers, undocumented migrants, victims of trafficking, sexual slaves, and those involved in forced labor activities or those who are exploited at work.


PPDR Uganda, being a human rights organization, works on the principle of universal values without any discrimination based on religion, tribe, nationality, sex, race, social status, or any other forms of discrimination.

Core Values

Transparency and accountability, courage and sacrifice, and passion for humanity


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