PPDR’s counseling department is managed by volunteer counselors who provide counseling services to people who have suffered from psychological trauma or human rights abuses also family issues.

Through counseling, there’s a great relief to the clients as this program has helped them enjoy greater understanding to life challenges. Refugees are people who suffer from different psychological illnesses and thus need counseling services before they are fully integrated into community. This counseling is important for them even after they are integrated to enable them cope up with the emerging challenges of life.

PPDR always refers its clients (refugees) who have suffered great trauma to responsible organizations for further treatment.

The counseling department identifies refugee children who cannot access school fees and who stay too far from PPDR’s centre, and links them to sponsorships in education to enable them study in their nearby schools.

Specific objectives:

Meet refugees at PPDR Uganda offices and offer them counseling services

Build partnership and exchange of information with other NGOs.

Activities: One on one counseling, group counseling, home visits, peer counseling, training in counseling, career guidance and public information sessions.


The counseling department needs to be strengthened to expand it to other refugee organizations as we boast of highly trained counselors. We feel all refugees should benefit from this highly professionalized service.

However, sustaining the interpreters in form of motivation allowance is a critical challenge.