PPDR is a human rights organization and cooperates with different local and international human rights, peace and advocacy groups/associations to advocate for the promotion and respect of human rights both locally and globally.

PPDR follows up cases of refugees during the refugee determination process by the Uganda government to the countries of resettlement. PPDR also intervenes for those who have different legal problems and pushes for effective delivery of services.

PPDR collects complaints about refugee services and shares these complaints with responsible refugee service organizations to improve on service delivery.

PPDR gives the refugee community awareness of their rights and obligations while in host countries and orient them in all refugee service delivery centers.

Democracy and good governance, accountability and rule of law are key fundamentals in a free and fair society and PPDR is at the forefront of this initiative.

We advocate for respect of minority interests and rights of vulnerable people in the society.


Training in human rights defence and promotion is a critical challenge to PPDR. Developing knowledge and skills is an important human resource tool. As human rights violations increase, we need more voices to advocate for the promotion and defence of rights.

PPDR staff also lack much needed knowledge and training in local and international law with particular emphasis on refugee law to enable them respond critically to emerging legal complexities.

PPDR lacks transport to facilitate the movement of staff and clients.


We plan to establish refugee zones where leaders make daily visits to refugees in their home zones and collect views, complaints and ideas from those who may not reach the service delivery points.

These views / complaints will be brought to PPDR, documented, and forwarded to different service organizations for problem solving. Then the feedback is then taken to the clients.

Due to financial constraints, most refugees are unable to have transport to refugee service centers like UNHCR, HIAS REFUGEE TRUST, INTER AID, OPM REFUGEES, REFUGEE LAW PROJECTS, and RED CROSS among others. PPDR Uganda is aware of this and utilizes the services of its refugee’s zones through their leaders to collect views, complaints and suggestions, and processes them, and sends / discusses them with refugee organizations. Feedback is taken back to the refugee community where the complaint originated from (see table above).

Refugees continue to face many difficulties and complexities in life and thus need more psychological, social, moral, financial / economic, and legal support.

In Uganda, both Uganda government and all other refugee organizations and more especially UNHCR, are in consensus that refugees in Uganda are politically persecuted and thus fragile and need urgent protection, and this is the same in all countries in the world.

At PPDR, we respond immediately upon getting information about refugees in danger and facing legal challenges. We take up the issue with responsible authorities and refer the case to different responsible refugee organization service delivery points as we monitor the progress.

Transport facilitation is quite a major concern, thus hindering the progress of this field work.