Our Programs

Binti Shujaa (Strong girls) teenage girls and mother's program.

We intend to train teenage mothers in survival skills like making crafts, candles, and soap. PPDR sells for them in bigger shops and looks for the market. We encourage and support mothers to engage in small income generating businesses that can improve on their families’ income.


PPDR is a human rights organization and cooperates with different local and international human rights, peace and advocacy groups/associations to advocate for the promotion and respect of human rights both locally and globally. PPDR gives the refugee community awareness of their rights and obligations while in host countries and orient them in all refugee service delivery centers.


This program together with feeding is done through outreaches under ECO(Emmanuel Children outreaches) through networking with other organisations. PPDR is working hand in hand with ECO to develop guidlines for continued roll out of accelerated Education, ensuring children who are overage but have dropped out of school have the opportunity to continue their education.

Off the Street

Children's program

WE care about others

We are all humans

Our Vision

“ A world in which people are at peace and have equal rights, freedom and opportunity regardless of their race, tribe, religion or belief and social status "

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Help & support

" Every action counts, small or big . "
Donate toward empowering refugee or homeless children .

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Our programs

  • Teenage mothers program
  • Refugee program
  • Home not street for children

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