We are PPDR a Non-profit NGO that help people to make a better World


Background information

PPDR is an independent, non-partisan and nonprofit human rights organization. The organization addresses the entire range of human rights, civil and political as well as economic, social and cultural rights as defined in the international human rights conventions.

The idea of starting this NGO began by a group of refugee human rights activists who were refugees living in Uganda. The primary purpose was to address the question of refugee rights.

At the time, refugee rights were not much respected and service delivery to refugees considered as a charity. The situation worsened as refugees were denied their fundamental human rights which are not granted by anybody but are inherent to every human being.

Our Vision

“ A world in which people are at peace and have equal rights, freedom and opportunity regardless of their race, tribe, religion or belief and social status ”.

Our Mission

"To empower the weak and make them overcome the state of victimization”

“To advocate, promote, defend and protect rights of disadvantaged persons”.


To intervene on behalf of individuals at risk of torture, degrading situation and humiliation on Uganda territory
To collaborate with existing peace associations, youth groups and human rights organizations at international, regional and local level
To participate in forums relating to peace in great lakes region and conducting conference relevant to peace in great lakes region, Africa and other countries in the world

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Target Groups of people

The primary target group are the people most vulnerable to human rights abuses: women, children and young people including teenage mothers, street children, refugees and refugee children, asylum seekers, undocumented migrants, victims of trafficking, sexual slaves, and those involved in forced labor activities or those who are exploited at work.



Nyeko Winnifred

Executive Secretary

Bahizire Sangara

Head of Legal and Advocacy dept

Salama Jeremiah

Head of Education dept

Francine Iselte

Fundraising Officer