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The Education Program

This program together with feeding is done through outreaches under ECO(Emmanuel Children outreaches) through networking with other organisations. PPDR is working hand in hand with ECO to develop guidlines for continued roll out of accelerated Education, ensuring children who are overage but have dropped out of school have the opportunity to continue their education.

English Classes

In urban centers, in a country where English is the official language, the very many refugees who can hardly speak a word of English, when they come to Uganda are largely left to sink. As a way of sealing this loophole. PPDR took up the responsibility of providing English lessons to these refugees living in and around Kampala through the English for Adults programme.

Adult Education

The Education department at PPDR has a program that supports the adult refugees to ensures that they get educated to improve on their lives. On top of this, quality commercial training and practical business knowledge and skills are enhanced.